Top Toy Buying Is Still A Joy To Behold

Ah the patter of little feet – in the shape of toddlers and maybe very small teenagers.  There are other folk in the world though who appreciate being bought toys and games.  If we stop restricting ourselves to only looking when a child is born – then we stand a good chance of scoring massive brownie points if there are in laws to impress.

A few years ago, an aged relative was going on rather about the boring presents she had received for her 84th birthday.  Everything had been rather predictable.  A bottle of 4711 cologne; pack of lace edged handkerchiefs; body lotion etc.  She then astounded us by suggesting for next year, we go down the toy shop for some proper presents like she used to enjoy.  Next time we did just that, buying a selection of games.  We’re still enjoying this, the relative hit 94 recently and we enjoy the choice at the toy emporium more than ever.

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