Toy Shop Joys Beat Social Media Hands Down

Bringing children up these days is a lot more involved than it used to be – if looking around the news is anything to go by.  Even theyoungest child seems to have their confidence dented pretty easily with just an ill judged comment or quip.  A lot has to do with far too much time spent on social media and endlessly comparing themselves with their peers and contemporaries.  There was none of this in my childhood.  For the most part we used to get on with friends and be out playing every hour we could, that wasn’t already bagged by mother for a handful of domestic duties.   Toys and games were an essential part of our childhood.  Playing hopscotch and leapfrog were free, no equipment.  But proper toys were a joy to share, however the rough and tumble of the outcome – trips to the toy shop were heavenly and a much yearned for treat!

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