Toys for Boys Of All Ages

I well remember when I was about to go on maternity leave in the late ’80s, there used to be a very large chain of mother and baby stores which was the place to go.  Not posh, quite the opposite in fact but it stocked everything you needed and didn’t think you needed.  I remember being enthralled by the hundreds of plain baby items in the tiniest sizes.  It brought the fast approaching estimated delivery date so much closer.  They had a fantastic selection of toys too but  I wasn’t going to spoil any fun that relatives and friends might have by buying them up front.    It leaves little scope for the rest of us to buy up our favourites.  That’s why I like going to our high street toy shop.  That store has the most incredible choice.  Everything from tinies baby touchy feely blankets right through to the bigger child, the 38 years old or the 56 year old who must have that latest model car to add to his collection or even to make and paint!

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