Vintage Board Games Still Need Competitive Streak

There are some truly wonderful games out on the market these days… they can be board and teamwork versions of the fantastic digital online gaming sensations, down to a modernised version of snakes & ladders or ludo.   Of course the original board games are still out there and sometimes grandparents worry that the youngsters won’t want to play with anything that’s not attached to a computer or smart phone.   From my experience, children of all ages are often a little shy about taking their place round a board game with several inter generational family playing.  But after a sulky few minutes, they do come out of their shell and really take the game by storm.  Their competitive streak, honed by many hours of electronic gizmo combat never deserts them entirely.  It may not look super cool to be playing Cluedo with a handful of wrinklies but once they let go of their inibitions, an amazing time can be had by all and these very special moments have to be cherished!

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