Visiting Host Families With Breath Of Fresh Air

One of the things I notice was greatly different to home, when I travelled to the Statees recently. . . .   the families who take a great deal of time to ensure their children get the very best sports coaching and encourage them to participate.   I was taken to weekend coaching sessions and watched some really enthusiastic soccer playing too.  The womens’ game is much bigger over there and families really do take interest in what’s happening around the world.  I know that the English ladies’ soccer team won the recent She Believes cup and this was heralded with great triumph Anglo American friends – almost counting me as heroic, simply for being wholely Angle . . .  I was surprsed too at how happily the children of my host family and their chums played board games and their arithmetic skills outshone any I’ve seen over here – especially playing games involving money transactions – the ethusiasm for business and life in general was totally refreshing.

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